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TASK 1 Karcher is a very challenging product across the globe. At Kärcher, customer focus is the top priority. The German manufacturer has been a global market leader in providing cleaning solutions for more than 77 years. The $2 billion cleaning equipment manufacturer and inventor of pressure washers has presence in 190 countries with over 50,000 service centres across the world. Kärcher manufactures over 150 types of cleaning products. The wide range of products from Kärcher includes high-pressure washers, scrubber/scrubber driers, dry vacuum cleaners, wet & dry vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, municipal sweepers, vehicle cleaning systems, etc. Kärcher North America is planning a brand update to its Prochem line of products, an update that…show more content…
“It is about alignment, leveraging our global power, R&D and broadening our solution set and product portfolio to the customer,” says Kärcher Executive Vice President, Jim Lombard. It is an analysis of the structure of demand in terms of product life phases of the market. The situation of the company is often judged on the basis of quantities of products that are currently in the launch phase, phase to generate the greatest benefits and at the stage of aging. Analysis of the product life cycle impact assessment of the sales and allows for a coordinated policy to ensure steady business for a long period of time. The disadvantage of this analysis is assessing of the situation of the company in isolation from the results of the competition. Despite its undisputed market leadership, Kärcher is also busy with charting business strategies to overcome challenges. For a market leader, sustaining the leadership is itself is a major challenge. Adding to this, the company still feels that enhancing customer awareness of environmental issues is another

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