Case Study Of Kazzo Caakes Company

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Kazzo Cakes needs to understand its different level of strategies to identify its goals and values which can be presented in a hierarchy format as below,

According to the given case of Kazzo Cakes Company, it does need to have a clearly defined goals and values to success the business and achieve the appropriate objectives of the company. Following strategy levels should be followed and understood clearly to identify their goals and values, which we can explained briefly as below,
Sunny Maharjan, student 4914
1. Corporate level
This strategy level seeks to determine what businesses a company should be in or wants to be in. Corporate strategy level determines the direction that the organization is going and the roles
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3. Functional or Departmental level

Sunny Maharjan, student 4914
The main aim of this level is to set goals to support the business strategy. These could be manufacturing, marketing, human resources, research and development and finance.

The Kazzo Cakes Company has to determine its different functional goals to achieve the main corporate goal of the organisation. As this company suddenly aimed to expand their footprint in the market of cakes shop, it may have following functional goals to achieve to support their main objective of the company. Those could be recognised as below: o Provide information on resources and capabilities on which the higher level strategies can be based o Make an action plan for the different units of organisation and evaluate after its accomplishment for the strategy to succeed o Hire and place the required staff in the specific position to fulfil the particular goal which may be significant to expand the footprint in cake

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