Case Study Of Keelings

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Keelings is a successful Irish-owned family business with focus on growing, sourcing, marketing, sales and distribution of fresh produce and now software and management solutions.
Approximately, 15 years ago, the company started to develop software in-house in order to manage the ins and outs of order managment and moving fresh produce around the world. It has evolved into a sophisticated ERP (enterprise and resource planning) system that offers in itself as a business opportunity.
Keelings expanded into a broad range of fresh produce solutions; these include logistics, software and consultancy services. They built on their experience in transporting flowers, vegetables and fruits from around the world to retail stores. In response
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However, Dublin-based Keelings has found that smart use of technology can help cut down on the “elbow grease” and get fresh produce onto the supermarket shelves in the right quantity and quality.
CEO of the family business Caroline Keeling, has a BSc in Chemistry & MSc in Food Science which she studied at University College Dublin. Her career started with Green Isle foods in 1992 to 1994. She then joined the family business at Keelings as Technical Manager in 1994, becoming MD in 2006 and is now CEO.
Caroline’s career path did not initially move towards the family business, however in 1994 when Keelings was expanding business in England, they asked her to implement the quality system there, so she joined them. As her role developed within the company, Caroline found herself travelling widely.
She travelled the world looking at fruit and buying fruit, and a huge part involved checking the quality on the farms and making sure food safety was right. Also, the quality of the product and how it was being packed to make sure it arrived really well. She still travels today and is learning Mandarin to be able to converse with customers in China. They are licensing software there and there is also the opportunity of sales of fruit
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