Case Study Of Kerry's Black Dragon

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Name: Kerrika Sterling School: Colbourne College
Teacher: Mrs. Walters ID number: COL 1283 Year: 2014
Table of Contents
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Executive summary 3
Section 1: Introduction
Rational 5
Objectives 6
Background 7-8
Methodology 9
Section 2: Discussion and Analysis of Findings
Lo3-3.1 11
Lo3-3.2 12
Lo3-3.3 13
Summary of Recommendation 14
Conclusion 15
References 16
Appendices 17-19

The researcher explained how market structures
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In this type of market structure there are many buyers and sellers, and the organization can easily enter and exit the market. Instead prices are determined by market supply and demand. Also, in this type of market, businesses can’t control prices hence the output of the business is controlled deeply in a frame to make profit. Last but not least, in the perfect competition market, consumers are expected to receive goods at a much lower price than in any other market…show more content…
The business is also recommended to try and make every effort to produce a product that is in demand because if the business can do that then it can be successful. Kerry’s Black Dragon should keep market equilibrium. This is so because if the supply of goods is equal to the demand then the business can make a profit and also

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