Case Study Of Kevon Collins

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Case Study of Kevon Collins In reviewing the sample reports in Chapter 19, the appropriate case study that correlates with the case study of Kevon Collins is the report of Todd Merton (transfer to adult court) (Melton et al, 2007). The individuals in both reports have committed felonies which Title 18, U.S.C., Section 5032 is delinquency proceedings in district courts transfer for criminal prosecution; as well as Section 5037 (d) to determine the juvenile supervision (Legal Information Institute, 1992). The attorney of Merton and the judge from the case study of Collins wants to assess for intellectual functioning and psychological maturity. Kevon Collins Report NAME: Kevon Collins DATE OF EVALUATION: September 1, September 2, September…show more content…
He was interviewed three different instances while at the detention center. At each session he present well kempt, cooperative, wearing no glasses; however, at time he would suck his thumb. At the first session, Kevon was asked if he knew why he was incarcerated. Kevon reported he was incarcerated for armed robbery. He reported he robbed the bank with a gun that was given to him by another juvenile, as well as stating it was wrong and illegal. He stated “I wish I wouldn’t have done it [armed robbery]. Kevon stated he was unsure of what going to happen to him if he was found guilty. He seemed not to have an appreciation of the seriousness of his actions of armed robbery. He was asked if he understood the job of his attorney, the prosecutor, and judge. Kevon stated he is aware of his attorney’s name and what his job was. He also stated he known the prosecuting job was, and knows the judge’s position. Kevon was asked if he was experiencing hallucinations/delusions which he stated no. He presented with no signs of depression or oppositional behavior. At the second and third session, Kevon stated he was having difficulty sleeping, eating, and concentrating. He reported he missed is family. He stated he sometimes felt suicidal. Kevon stated having no plans of hurting himself. When asked if he was physically or sexually abused, he stated no. The teachers at the detention center reported Kevon liked to draw
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