Case Study Of Kingsmen International

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2. Executive Summary

This report was done to examine the people that make Kingsmen International a celebrated success in the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions (MICE) industry, with an impressive net profit after taxation of S$17 million in 2013, and to learn the practices that Kingsmen International is taking to grow from strength to strength.

This report draws attention to the fact that the company was only started from scratch in 1976, and within a short span of 38 years, the founders Mr Benedict Soh and Mr Simon Ong managed to grow to their current scale of having over 1,500 creative professionals and project managers in 18 offices worldwide.

Through thorough research and an on-site visit to Kingsmen International headquarters,
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In order to facilitate these studies, each group is expected to do in-depth research of the company prior to the trip, and to prepare a series of questions to be asked during the trip. This will allow one to further understand how Kingsmen remains to stand strong as one of the top contenders in the Exhibition industry, as well as unravel some of their key leadership traits and management functions.

4. Background of Kingsmen International

Kingsmen International is neither a contractor nor an event management company. The company has evolved into a “one-stop shop” offering comprehensive design and communications solutions. Founded in 1976 by Mr Benedict Soh and Mr Simon Ong, they started the business with retail storefronts and window displays, before venturing into interior furnishing, fit-outs and general contracting.

The name “Kingsmen” was chosen because they believe that their clients are kings; therefore as their ‘kings’ men’, their job is to put ‘Humpty Dumpty’ back together again. (Ms. Charlene of Kingsmen 2014, pers. comm., 09
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5.2.2 Organize (how to go about doing the work): The Kingsmen Group wants to offer one stop solutions to their clients, taking care of their every need. They see themselves as not merely contractors or events management business, but a company providing comprehensive design and communications solutions.

5.2.3 Command and Co-ordinate: The Kingsmen Group started off with interiors, fit outs and fixtures, roll outs and design implementation. However today, they are also into thematics and alternative marketing solutions.

5.2.4 Control: To further grow the company to the next era, the Kingsmen Group is developing key accounts, so that clients will keep coming back for all their interior, events and marketing needs. The American and European arms are also in charge of establishing the brand in the non-Asian markets, in doing so; it will help bring international business to the company (Ms. Charlene of Kingsmen 2014, pers. comm., 9

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