Case Study Of Kolej Teknologi Bistari

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From the case, the average students’s enrollment and the sales revenue of Kolej Teknologi Bistari was not going well from year 2006 to 2009. This is a serious problem which will lead KTB to crisis whether in the aspect on their financial support and also to their future growing. We found that there are few issues which possible to cause this problem exist.
1. Frequent changes of CEO and lack of own academic programs provided

One of the possible reasons why the college facing drop of student intake is because frequent changes of KTB’s CEO. KTB was changed its CEO twice in 3 years between 2006 and 2009. This is a serious problem for the company management. Replacement on the CEO too frequent may affect the management strategy and the strategy
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Meanwhile, the degree provided was also under the name of particular public university such as University Utara Malaysia (UUM) which also one of the joint venture university with KTB. However, the academic programs that provided under KTB name are consist only 6 diploma and certificate out of total 17 programs from this college. Based on this data, we can see that KTB is too relying on joint programs with other public universities. Besides that, the course syllabus, examinations and standard were follow to all the particular public universities, therefore the assessment for the course quality on KTB is depend on others universities too. The performance of KTB maybe influenced once there is bad perception or negative issue from public towards the particular universities. For example, students will not make the consideration on KTB as a choice for Diploma of business management if there is negative news towards the UPM students with this course holder such as low possibility employment after graduated. This could one of the reasons on the drop of student intake for Diploma of business management (UPM) as the data show in exhibit 3 whereby it substantially drop from 28 to 3 students. Other than

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