Case Study Of Letter To Mark's Mobile Glass

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We received a letter in the mail from the attorney of Mark’s Mobile Glass , the letter is attached, letting us know that we hired a technician that he had on a non-compete agreement. The technician’s name is Eric Buchholz. He worked for us from 03/03/14 through 08/22/16 in our Columbia, MO Mobile Pro location. When he left he said he was going to work for a pharmacy. We rehired him on 01/27/17. When he reached out to us to come back he did not tell us that he had worked for Mark’s Mobile Glass. I spoke to him after receiving the letter from Mark’s attorney and he said that he did work for him part time to supplement his income, roughly 20hrs per week. I let him know that Mark’s sent us a letter in an attempt to enforce his non-compete and
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