Case Study Of Liftup

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Globalization, fierce competition and dynamic market environment are some of the main challenges which multinational companies face nowadays. Therefore, performance management as well as process optimization have gained significant importance these days. The project group has been asked to assist the case company with performance management system implementation. At the same time another performance management system is designed for parallel implementation, thus the group needs to provide suggestions concerning relevant KPI’s, theory, technological and implemenetation aspects.

LiftUp as established by the inventors in 2003 with NOVI Innovation in Aalborg as co-investors and partners and is today an innovative company where the foundation is the development of welfare technology products in accessibility. Liftup has an ambitious growth target of 50% pro anno – and the growth should in large parts stem from new product developments.
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In addition, the company is interested in involvement of the end-users as well as business partners in product development and innovation phase. Therefore a detailed action plan has been created, which aims for effective stakeholder involvement in product development and

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