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Task 1: How Lydenburg got its name?
Lydenburg is a town in, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Officially known as Mashishing, Lydenburg it’s situated on the Sterkspruit Dorp River tributary of the Olifants River at the base of the Long Tom Pass. It’s also part of the spectacular Panorama route. The name is derived from the Dutch Lijdenburg known as "Town of Suffering" because their group had been decimated by malaria. Lydenburg has become the centre of the South African fly-fishing industry and is an agricultural and mining hub. Mashishing is what the place was traditionally called in Northern Sotho, meaning “long, green grass. Lydenburg town was found in the 1850’s by the voortrekker leader Andries Potgiter. (Stonecutter for stats 2014)
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From quality services to self caterings that is rated by “SAT” (South Africa Tourism) and”TGCSA” (Tourism grading council of South Africa) this is to evaluate the standards of quality of different establishments in south Africa and they offer luxurious star hotels, boutique hotels, small hotels, Inns, game lodges to lodges, tented safari camps, guest houses, bed and breakfasts and self-catering accommodation.
Accommodations in Lydenburg
• Self-catering- A home away from home where caterings is done by yourself it offers sole occupancy .its ha facilities to accommodate the self-catering limited services is optional.
• Guest house-It’s a renovated home that’s specifically designed for residents that need overnight accommodation.
• Lodges-It’s formal it provide full or limited services it’s usually located in a natural surroundings with a phenomenal Garden area.
• Inns/small hotels-it’s a comfortable home serving home cooked meals and operating a friendly local pub and it usually has fewer than 45
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near a nature reserve.
(The Star Guide 2013/2014:pag6)
(ASATA 2013/2014: page 4 & 6)

Hotels is South Africa
• Luxury Hotels- E.g. The One and only hotel in Cape Town South Africa
- A hotel where accommodation and facilities is mostly for business seekers and leisure tourists this type of hotels are for the rich and famous as it has a lot of high demands.
The star Grading of luxury hotels rates is five to Six (The Star Guide 2013/2014:pag6)
- Facilities: Spa, restaurants, gym, swimming pool, bar ,express laundry, private chef , dry cleaning service, Jacuzzi, free Wi-Fi ,hair and beauty salon ,conference venues, wedding venues, and ATM’s .
At hotels like this you can get the unexpected!

• Boutique Hotels-E.g. La Villa Vita in Nelspruit South Africa
– Its small with less than 30 rooms it’s usually has a fine cuisine and stylish accommodation that very private the rest of the hotel is usually decorated with unique interior designs that more classic.
- The star grading of luxury hotels rates

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