Case Study Of MMTC Limited

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COMPANY BACKGROUND: MMTC Limited, India’s first Super Star Trading House, continues to be the country's leader in mineral exports for four decades now. During the last decade, MMTC could withstand the stiff competition in the world market by its continuous and persistent efforts in diversifying its markets, enlarging its product range, expanding extensively its infrastructure facilities and expertise in mineral operations, and by attaching utmost care and importance to its trade commitments as also the quality of service and products. MMTC has been consistently striving to enhance its competitiveness in the area of value addition. It has set up a crushing and screening plant at Banehatti in Bellary Hospet Sector not only to source higher value realization in the international market but also to compete with the international suppliers like Australia and Brazil in the markets like Japan and South Korea. It has provided further fillip to value addition to minerals. The 1.1 million ton Steel Plant consumes about 2 million tons of…show more content…
Three different kinds of researches and an analysis based on the same is undertaken. The first analysis includes two cases showing price determination and a decision regarding acceptance or rejection of the procurement price level based on sale margin. The second research is based on a questionnaire which shows an inference for each answer. The third research is based on a comparison and contrast of trade policies between MMTC Ltd. and State Trading Corporation which is into similar line of business. The major findings of the researches include the facts that the exchange risk in purchase as well as sale transactions in MMTC is very high due to currency fluctuations and Nearly 70% exposure in case of imports and 50% exposure in exports are hedged by so that benefits of positive fluctuations can also be

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