Case Study Of MTR Gulab Jamun Mix

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Executive summary

India’s food processing industry is one of the largest industries in the country. It is ranked fifth in terms of production, consumption, export and expected growth. The industry employs 1.6 million workers directly. Now time is to provide better food processing and marketing infrastructure for Indian industries to serve good quality and safest processed food like ready to eat food, keeping in mind the changing tastes and life style of the Indian demography. Hence MTR has come up with its wide range of ready to eat and instant mixes to satisfy the taste buds of Indian Food Lovers.

MTR Foods Private Ltd. was established in the year 1924. It is an ISO and HACCP certified company in the food processing sector. The company’s
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Hypothesis testing is carried out to know the effect of advertisement, satisfaction level of customers and the value of money through price of the product. Finding show that MTR Gulab Jamun mix is purchased and consumed by almost all the consumers at home. People prefer MTR Gulab Jamun mix mainly because of taste and they are influenced through TV advertisements. MTR is the most preferred brand of Gulab Jamun mix and consumers are aware of promotional schemes, they are also satisfied with the free product Badam mix along with gulab jamun mix and MTR Badam mix sample packet has been the preferred choice of promotional schemes among competitors. MTR Gulab jamun mix price has ranked number one and respondents agree with the price offered by MTR brand. Price does not seems to be a major criteria for choice of gulab jamun mix because majority of respondents had preferred MTR Gulab jamun mix even though its price is high compare to other brands. Festival seasons can be a major period for introducing various promotional schemes, free demos and trails can be done in big departmental stores, online advertisements may also help in promoting the product, sponsoring food related programs on Television will help the organization to reach wider audience and this helps in attracting homemakers. Feedback or Suggestions from retailers also be taken in order to develop the strategies and identifying new segment for Gulab jamun

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