Case Study Of Maggie Noodles

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Introduction In the world of digitalization, nobody has enough time in his or her busy schedule, and he or she cannot afford traditional cooking, and hence many fast food items have flooded the market. Life today has gone to a point where everybody is inclined towards the easy method for getting things done, be it instant money, instant energy or fast food. Here comes the role of Noodles, which occupy a powerful place in the day to day life of the households. Maggie stands out among the instant noodles in India. Maggie , a well reputed brand is known to all even children can easily pronounce its name at a retail shop to buy it is an international brand of noodles , the original company was set up by one of JULIUS MAGGIE in Switzerland in 1872 and nestle family in 1947 , when Maggie instant noodles arrived in India in 1983 a memorable year in Indian history because India won its first Cricket world Cup. Maggie noodles become one of most popular snacks.
The victim of such mess is Maggie the instant Maggie noodles brand food and beverage company Nestle . one of most trusted brand and perhaps the country’s most comfort and favored food , it has captures the market in terms brand name and its sale .
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Has done a lot to control the situation but it was half heartened in the beginning which has worsened the issue. Since the Maggie row has impacted the whole India severely and owing to the importance of assessing the damage done, in taking remedial measures, it is vital to conduct research regarding the whole impact of Maggie row. So, considering this hot issue, For this, I have approached secondary source of data collection and collected information from various websites like website of DNA, Nestle India ltd., FDA, etc. Along with various newspapers like The Hindu, Business Standard, Economic Times, Financial Express, The Tribune, etc. With the help of this information we assess the brand how relaunch Maggie
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