Case Study Of Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel was originally founded in Hong Kong Island. It was established under Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG), a management group with luxury hotels and resorts around the world. The company’s mission is ‘to delight our guests each and every day’. In 1963, the company had a grand opening for its first ever hotel in Hong Kong Island called ‘The Mandarin’. When it was first built in Hong Kong, it was known as the tallest building there is in the country. The company bought a 49% interest in The Oriental, Bangkok in 1974. In the year 1985, the company merged the two hotels under one name by renaming it ‘Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’. Having the ambition of expanding the company’s name worldwide, Mandarin Oriental Hotel was built in Singapore in 1987. As years passes, the company grew bigger and bigger. Hotels and resorts of the company were built all around the world, such as, New York, Boston, London, Munich, Paris, and many more countries. Even though the company excels around the world, they should never be complacent. The company should always think of new strategies to keep up with the market trend in the hotel industry. By producing new ideas to have a better service line, the company can attract more guests to come to the hotel.

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Some companies tend to start off with internal recruitments. Those companies will search for the best candidates within the company to fit into that particular higher position. However, with that move, the company will not obtain new talent into the organisation. For some similar new job designs, it is definitely better to use the internal recruitment system. However, for the new ones that have never been done before in the company, it’s only best if the company use the external sources of recruitment. It will lead the company to venture into getting new talent and getting new ideas for the
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