Case Study Of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

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1.1 About Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental, Singapore is jointly owned by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and

Marina Centre Holdings Pte Ltd, and is managed by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

Opened in 1987, Mandarin Oriental Singapore is a luxury hotel located in Marina

Bay, close to Singapore’s Central Business District. The hotel offers 12 different

types of rooms and a large inventory of 527 rooms, catering to a wide variety of


Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is a global brand, operating or has hotels that are

under development in 24 countries and 43 hotels in Asia, America, Europe, Middle

East and North Africa. Mandarin Oriental Group also has under development or

operates about 15 residences as well. (Mandarin
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Working together as colleagues

In Mandarin Oriental, the emphasis is on teamwork, whereby the staff shares

responsibility, recognition and accountability. By promoting teamwork, the staff trust

each other and have mutual respect, which overall helps to improve the productivity

at the accommodation.

Promoting a climate of enthusiasm

Mandarin Oriental promotes a motivational, caring and rewarding environment,

committed to the development of their colleagues. With effective training, personal

and career development, as well as promoting initiative and individuality, Mandarin

Oriental strives to improve their staff, both physically and mentally, which helps to

improve their productivity.

Being the best

Striving to be an innovative leader in the industry, Mandarin Oriental aims to

constantly improve their products and services, seeking the best value for the

highest quality products from their suppliers.

Delivering shareholder value

With a commitment to growing the company, Mandarin Oriental is confident that their

success would reap in investments that will rank them amongst the best in the


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