Case Study Of Mattel

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Mattel, a US Toy manufacturing company, is the subject of this case study. The company’s marketing experience is being studied and analyzed specifically in regard to its challenges in term of competition with MGA, Hot Wheels, and sub-cidery company Fisher-Price, and their failure with Barbie’s marketing and sales.
The case also focusing on Mattel’s strategic changes and the impact of the management style on main business results, especially when comparing 2 different eras of CEO’s whereas the first had a strong positive impact on staff discipline companying decreased business results, and the 2ndd has a long term business strategy which showed great positive business results.
SWOT analysis (SWOT Matrix)
Strengths Weaknesses
1. Market Position is very high, and big brand name as one of the largest toy company in the world.
2. Diverse line of products in its portfolio, owning brands like include Fisher Price,
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Good advertising and branding through TVCs, online presence and print ads 1. Barbie
2. toxic toys
3. Merchandising Deals
4. Tech Offerings
5. Management in Flux and incompatible managers
6. Involved in a lot of controversies like toxic toys which hurt the brand image
7. Fake products easily available in the market leading to loss of revenue

Opportunities Threats
1. Cost Cutting through streamlining of the manufacturing base. There is a potential to tap into comic and movie franchises
2. Licensing in terms of acquiring the toy rights to characters from hit TV shows and films
1. Emerging Markets like India, China and Russia
2. Reaching out by organizing contests on existing franchises
3. Can utilize holograms or whatever makes imitation not easy 1. Digital Gaming (like Video and Internet games)
2. Hasbro and other competitors (Bandai, Toys, Bandai, and McFarlane toys)
3. Cartoon channels
4. Outdoor games
Possible strategic initiatives that Mattel could pursue to continue its growth
1. Place Mix & Price in the Marketing of
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