Case Study Of Mcdonalds And Obesity

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McDonald’s is a well-known fast food brand. It has been widely criticized for its advertising practices, which have heavily influenced children. It has also been accused of contributing to childhood obesity as well. After reading the case “CASE 2-7: McDonald’s and Obesity” I believe that McDonald’s has a right to advertise as much as they want. “If a food has a right to exist, a marketer has the right to advertise it”” (“McDonald’s and Obesity, n.d.). I think that any company should be able to advertise as much as they want to, but they should be respectful and advertise effectively. From the case study, it shows that McDonald’s is trying to accommodate and respect its role in obesity. McDonald’s is acknowledging the problem and is making changes. They are “promoting ongoing menu changes, the posters feature items such as a salad, a pile of free range eggshells, piece of fruit, and cups of cappuccino” (“McDonald’s and Obesity, n.d.). The company does advertise a lot, I can say from my experiences I have seen a lot on TV and through ads. I do think that they are reaching out to show they do have healthier options, which is why I feel that they should be able to advertise as much as they want. Regardless of the changes, I feel the company should be able to advertise as much as they want because when it comes down to it, it is ‘our’ choice to purchase their products and consume them whether they are healthy or not. They should not be restricted because they are a fast food company. The company has good advertising, as seen through their success. Advertisements are very persuasive and make you want what every thing they are selling, but it should not be the company’s fault. I do think that they should respect that obesity has become a problem and make effective choices when it comes to advertising, but they should not have to cut down. Fast Food companies should just be more aware and promote healthier option that they now have. I feel that parents play a big role for kids. Kids can not purchase or really have means to their products with out their parents buying it for them, so that is why I believe that parents play a big role for younger kids. When it comes to teenagers and adults I feel that they are big
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