Case Study Of Metabical

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Metabical is a revolutionary company based in the health supplement business. This operation is based on the premise that consumers can use this product and lose unwanted weight. This product is competing in an ever more competitive and crowed business sector. The consumers have a wide verity of products to choose from via high quality or low quality products. Nonetheless, I and our research team feel it is important to evaluate the points of differentiation that would help set Metabical apart from the competition. These areas of research are wide ranging and for the basis for research we will discuss three major areas: Price, Packaging, and Objective/ Target and Demand Market. Objective/ Target and Demand Market Metabical, is a revolutionary…show more content…
Stated in the research, 70% consumer respondents are unhappy with their weight. Therefore, this shows that current drugs are not working well for this market, and a new drug like Metabical can be of assistance. However, when looking at the most appropriate target market Metabical would be most suited for college educated women between the ages of 35 to 65 because this market was more conscious to their health and the health industry. This is a differentiation because this drug would be able to identify a specific area of assistance that is not usually market by the competitors. However, after careful research Metabical can state that their specific target consumer would be an individual who didn’t regularly fluctuate with different weight loss fads because this consumer was statistically looking for better ways to protect their health and boost their self-esteem which has a projected population of 4.3 million women. This is an idea that Metabical competitors in and out of the weight loss bracket struggle reaching and with the company identifying this consumer they could become a leading
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