Case Study Of Michael Smith's Leveling Tool For Cmip

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Michael Smith, DOB 07/03/79 was convicted on 02/09/2011 for CMIP. This was plead down from Child Molestation 3. Smith registered in the City of Kirkland on 03/18/11. During this time, there was some discussion about who was responsible for leveling RSOs. (Conducted by the King County Sheriff’s Office or the Kirkland Police Department). This has since been resolved. However, Smith remained not rated until 11/08/12. A Static 99 scoring tool was used and Smith scored a 4 which placed him as a level-2 RSO. It was determined that since Gershowitz had been treated as a level-1 for 1 year and 8 months without any convictions that he should remain as a level-1. This was concurred by Kim Acker with the DOC End of Sentence Review.

On 12/28/15,
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