Case Study Of Mobbing

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Case Study 1: M.Ali – “I quitted my job at the hotel, where I worked for 7 years, because of mobbing. I have been feared to loose my job and I had to bear everything. However, sometimes the mobber is too close to the boss. And even the other managers, who need to protect you (this can even be the human resources manager), do not want to get involved. When I am contemplating all of these, I conclude that the boss likes it this way. The only thing I understand from this, the person who exposed mobbing to me wastes 10-15 people every year since he is in the senior position and place his men around him. This guy has no quality whatsoever, he doesn't increase the sales or provide training. He never supports you but he holds his position."…show more content…
The senior management involved in mobbing process, hence, Hande's motivation declined and she was fired by using low performance as the excuse. The mobbing that Hande was exposed to is hierarchical, in other words, vertical mobbing. In this vertical mobbing, the mobber and mobbers used many methods. They attacked her professional capability by giving too much work or not giving any work. They excluded her by not talking to her, humiliated her or communicated maliciously with her. Since mid-level manager were involved in the mobbing, we can assert that it was a type of "mass mobbing". It is contemplated that the mobbers have narcissistic personality traits. These persons felt uncomfortable by the presence of a successful subordinate and they strive to intimidate her. In fact, they are using the low performance as an excuse since Hande's performance was decreased because of mobbing. When we contemplate the personal characteristics of Hande, we find out that she is neither submissive nor silent when encountered an injustice. However, Hande thinks that she could not defend sufficiently her rights since she was lacking experience. We think that Hande is at the stage of obsession in thoughts, which is the second stage of mobbing effects. The greatest impact on this process is that the stress that Hande has suffered and the fact that she could not forget what she experienced and she has regrets because of inexperience. Unfortunately, she found out about her legal rights too late that she could not overcome the mobbing. Hande thinks it was due to the loss of motivation and lack of
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