Case Study Of Mother Tongue-Based Bilingual Education

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Chapter 1

Situation Analysis In every learning situation, the teacher stands as an important variable in learner achievement. The influence of teachers transcends the confines of the classroom. Effective teachers tend to shape the students’ cognitive development as well as their lifelong quest for personal growth and development. To provide quality education to all learners is the most important mission of every educational institution. However, with the multifarious problems facing the public schools, its delivery is hindered (Barlong: 2015). Reality tells that even if public school teachers are qualified to teach, the lack of instructional materials, inadequate facilities and lack of training for professional growth hinder them to perform their best. It is sad to note that with learners reaching up to 60 in number in a classroom, the
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In 2009, the Department of Education challenged the Bilingual Education Policy issuing an order that calls for an institutionalization of Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE). This order requires use of learners’ first language as the medium of instruction for all subject areas in Pre-kindergarten through grade 3 Filipino and English being taught as separate subjects. (Burton: 2013). Another order was issued in 2012 that offered an order that shifted from the original mother tongue approach by specifying 12 major regional languages to be used as languages of instruction. Under this order, teachers are provided government issued materials in their regional language but expected to adapt them to reflect the learners’ first languages. (Caldas:
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