Case Study Of Multi-Channel Strategy

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Question 1 1.1 1. Finding the optimal multi-channel mix 2. Creating multi-channel synergies 3. Avoiding multi-channel conflicts 4. Gaining a sustainable competitive advantage via multi-channel strategy 1.2 The product flow refers to the actual physical movement of the product from the manufacturer through all of the parties who take physical possession of the product, from its point of production to final consumers. The other flows (negotiation, ownership, information, and promotion) is part of the flow and the product flow cannot operate independently from them. All flows must be managed and coordinated effectively to achieve the firm’s distribution objectives. 1.3 Contactual efficiency is the level of negotiation effort between sellers and buyers relative to achieving a distribution objective. Thus, it is a relationship between an input (negotiation effort) and an output (the distribution objective). Question 2 2.1…show more content…
4.2.1 • Surveying other channel members’ perceptions of his or her performance o Early warning system. o Identifies areas of conflict or its potential before it develops. o Can be conducted by independent research firms or outside parties such as trade associations/trade magazine publishers. • The marketing channel audit o Periodic and regular evaluation of key areas of the relationship of a given channel member with other members o In the process of appraising various areas of the relationship, potential conflicts are more likely to be detected. • Distributors’ Advisory Councils / Channel Members’ Committees o Another approach for early detection o Groups consists of top management representatives of the manufacturer and key executives from a select group of distributers o Groups meet on regular basis to discuss a wide range of channel issues and
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