Case Study Of Naga Mutiara

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Naga Mutiara Fragrant Rice
Naga Mutiara is chosen as a direct competitor for Jasmine Sunwhite because Naga Mutiara has provided Malaysians with nutritious rice for more than 15 years. Naga Mutiara is a premier brand in Malaysia. Besides, it is also a household consumer product in kitchens and restaurants all over the country (Superbrand n.d.). Naga Mutiara is a flagship product of Hock Ju Edar, one of the leading and biggest rice distributors in Malaysia (HockJu 2005). Naga Mutiara has the price slightly lower than Jasmine Sunwhite and Naga Mutiara could act as a perfect substitute for Jasmine Sunwhite. Therefore, Naga Mutiara is selected as one of the direct competitors for Jasmine Sunwhite.
Naga Mutiara has awarded Superbrand
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This provide evidence that there is no any improvement in quality assurance for Naga Mutiara or no further achievement is made. Customers might slowly lose their confidence in Naga Mutiara day-to-day as the award last achieved is a decade ago. Jasmine Sunwhite has awarded Superbrand Malaysia 2016 but only cost RM0.09 per kg higher than Naga Mutiara. This may draw back the customers from purchasing Naga Mutiara as the customers may not get the premium quality as high as the price since there is no any quality assurance recently achieved by Naga Mutiara.
4. Positioning mapping analysis (Jasmine Sunwhite)
For Jasmine Sunwhite it will cost RM 5.40 per kg (figure 4.1) which is the highest original price among the other brands. Jasmine Sunwhite have the highest price among these 6 brands. Jasmine Sunwhite rice price is RM0.47 or 9.33% higher than the average price which is RM 4.93. Due to higher price, Jasmine Sunwhite has many competitors.

Jasmine Sunwhite has been awarded Malaysia Superbrand for 14 years from 2002 to 2016. It has also been awarded by Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand for more than 10 years from 2004 to 2016. In 2005 this brand has been awarded for Brand Laureate
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So, Long Fong Cho has less advantages compared to other brands that have awards. For example, Jasmine Sunwhite, Floral and Jati.
For recognition, Long Fong Cho has the ISO 9001:2008 certified (figure 4.2) which is a standard recognized internationally. Thus, Long Fong Cho can provide high quality rice consistently by applying the ISO 9001 standards. This is also a competitive advantage that Long Fong Cho possess to compete with another brand.
Besides, Long Fong Cho also recognized by JAKIM as HALAL rice (figure 4.2). We are able to notice the JAKIM logo in every package of Long Fong Cho fragrant rice. Thus, everyone including Muslims can eat Long Fong Cho fragrant rice safely as it is trusted brand.
Furthermore, all fragrant rice of Long Fong Cho are imported from Thailand with triple A grade (AAA) (figure 4.2). With triple A grade of fragrant rice, consumer will know that Long Fong Cho fragrant rice has certain quality which are worth to buy. The texture of Long Fong Cho fragrant rice is medium soft and fragrant (Oel 2013). Additionally, the Long Fong Cho is ‘Super Wangi Rice’ which means their rice is more fragrant. Thus, for consumer who likes heavy fragrance of the rice, they will choose Long Fong Cho fragrant
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