Case Study Of Naurus

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Naurus Naurus syrup including other products comes under the brand name SUNDIP. This product is under positioned. It is under positioned because it came after roof afzah and jam e shireen which are both very strong brands. Rooh afza of Hamdard and jam e shireen of Karshi both have very strong positioning in the market and people prefer these both rather than Naurus which is new in the market. Naurus is under positioned also because it is not differentiated. It's made by natural herbs and ingredients which is the same as rooh afza and jam e shireen. There bottle i.e. the packaging is also very similar to rooh afza and jam e shireen. Their flavor is also very similar to the other both products. Hence Naurus is an under positioned product. Lastly the price of Naurus is also in the range of that of rooh afza and jam e shireen. In order for…show more content…
• They should target the youth as its easy to influence them • They should work on their cost focus variants to produce premium quality products at low cost, which would help the purchasing power of consumers that's low already due to economic instabilities • They should give incentives to their retailers like free deep freezers and transportation services • Their branding strategies and slogans should be that make it stand out. • Analyze the differentiating factors of Coke and Pepsi and come up with a striking point that would make Rc cola stay alongside Coke and Pepsi. • Survey customers if they had used it earlier and tell them about the recent changes • Gather all ordinary, potential and loyal customers and not focus on a single group • Create a desire to buy your product through fun commercials, billboards and all other media types • Give out free packages on drink and win a trip to Mauratius or 10000 bucks QUBEE wimax

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