Case Study Of Oriflame

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Industry: Cosmetic, food supplement Oriflame is a leading beauty company, founded in 1967 in Sweden by the brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick, and publicly traded at NASDAQ QMX since 2004. And the other key person is Magnus Brännströ, who is the CEO of Oriflame company. The company sells personal care, accessories and nutritional products online and direct. They have over 3 million consultants, operations in more than 60 countries, around 7500 employees, a wide portfolio of approximately 1000 Swedish, nature-inspired. Their vision is to be the number 1 beauty company. Togetherness, spirit, and passion are their core values that make Oriflame so unique. Trusting these values gives them the confidence to succeed in a competitive business while at the same time helping to make the world a better place. Togetherness is about people who work together and share the same goals to achieve greater results. They motivate each other and know that pulling together is more rewarding than going it alone. Spirit is about people who have a can-do spirit, a winning attitude and never give up. They are committed to doing what it takes to succeed. Passion is about passionate people who have the power to change the world. They love what they do, they believe in it. They know deep down that they can make a difference.
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The products are being sold in 61 countries, and they lead the beauty market in over half of these. They founded in 1967, by two brothers. Their main idea was to create a beauty company that could sell beauty products. Thus, Oriflame was founded. The 45 years on, the concept of Oriflame remains the same. They utilize the multi-level marketing and direct sales business model to sell their products and services. That means that the company manufactures the products and has an independent sales force that sells the products to
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