Case Study Of Par1

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4.1. Brief Synopsis: Participant 1(PAR1, AFSAS Person 1) was entering a vehicle when the door (OBJ1, AFSAS Object 1) closed on his head resulting in 2 LWDS. 4.2. Sequence of Events: PAR1 and a group of his friends where going out to grab a bite to eat. As PAR1 was entering the front passenger seat, a gust of wind blew the door shut. PAR1’s head was caught between the door and frame of the vehicle. PAR1 pushed the door back open and sat in the front passenger seat. On the way to the restaurant PAR1’s head pain became worse. PAR1 was taken to an on base medical facility where he was placed on 2-Q. 4.3. Investigation Analyzes: 4.3.1. Causal Factors Investigated: Environment/Weather Condition: PAR1 was entering the vehicle with the
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