Case Study Of Pfizer

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Pfizer has been trying to outsource its support functions to an outsourcing team in India. This means support tasks can be shifted from a high cost of operations destinations to a low cost of operations destination. Many multinational companies have thus begun to outsource many of their basic and standardised support functions to outsourcing companies in the Asian and other emerging markets of the world. This can be done by outsourcing the work to an independent outsourcing company which will bill the multinational for the work done or by buying a stake in an outsourcing company, like a captive outsourcing destination, which would undertake all the support related activities for the parent multinational. The presence of several outsourcing companies in the last two decades in India and other Asian countries like Philippines or Thailand has increased phenomenally (Tysiac 2013). These countries have a big pool of talented and skilled support and knowledge workers. Besides the low wages paid to the employees in these countries, makes the cost of operations come down. This activity was a part of the company’s cost cutting initiatives, where a reduction…show more content…
Targeted mainly at developing economies. Management of the value business line 1-3 years
Need for patented drugs To encourage innovation which would lead to more patented drugs The creation of a business segment focusing on innovation would attract top talents to create new patentable drugs. Innovation business segment manager 3-4

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