Case Study Of Pouultry

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Location: The study will be conducted on two sites, at the Edisto Research and Education Center at Clemson University in Blackville, South Carolina by Dr. Bhupinder S. Farmaha, and at ?? farm in ??? County owned by ??? which currently produces ??? on ?? acres. The study will proceed through the 2018 and 2019 growing seasons at both sites with dryland farmed cotton as the test crop both years. Treatment design: The study will involve a split-plot treatment design with four replications. In each location, test plots will be established for 8 treatments: 1) Biochar + poultry litter 2) Fly ash + poultry litter 3) FGD Gypsum + poultry litter 4) Poultry litter 5) Biochar + no poultry litter 6) Fly ash + no poultry litter 7) FGD gypsum + no…show more content…
Their biochar product is certified by the International Biochar Initiative laboratory test to contain: • Total (K) 3464 mg/ • Total (P) 1918 mg/ • Ammonia (NH4-N) 3.7 mg/kg • Nitrate (NO3-N) 1.4 mg/kg • Organic (Org-N) 10936 mg/kg • Volatile Matter 7.7 percent dw Results analysis: Soil samples will be collected from each plot at planting time, 6 weeks later, and at harvest using a handheld soil probe of 2.5cm diameter. On each plot, 6 to 8 cores of 20cm depth will be taken and samples will assessed for nematode assay, soil nutrient content, organic matter content, and pH. A sub-sample will be sent to Clemson’s nematode laboratory and another sub-sample will be sent to Clemson’s soil testing laboratory for the chemical analysis. Soil test K levels will be quantified using a single-channel flame photometer (Model EW-02655-00; Cole Palmer, Vernon Hills IL USA), and soil test P levels and concentrations assessed following a modified phospho-molybdate colorimetric procedure (Murphy and Riley, 1962) using a Perkin Elmer Lambda XLS+ spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer, Waltham MA USA). An arithmetic mean for soil test P and K levels will then be calculated and reported for the 0-10cm and 10-20cm soil depths. A DGPS-based, hydraulically operated penetrometer system mounted on a JD Gator will be used to quantify geo-referenced soil penetration resistance during the growing season. Soil compaction values will be calculated from the measured force required to push a
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