Case Study Of Proflower

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Proflower is the first company which adopted unique business model and they are pioneer in their industry. ProFlower operates in the retail industry and was founded in 1998. Retail involves the process of selling goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn profit. ProFlower sells and ships fresh flower for all occasions by adopting their business model they succeed to improve their service by offering only fresh and wide range of roses to each home within a country. Even though they have cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries and other gourmet gifts on their site, ProFlower is primarily focused on flowers. Within flowers it has great selection of products, with many options to satisfy different visitor…show more content…
The target market is mainly men aged 18-45. I infer this age group to be more popular with online florists because older generations are prone to go to a traditional florists. These men in the target market are busy but still want to treat their special someone.
Delivering the right product, at the right time and in excellent condition is the key to success of every online retailer. But when the product has limited life pan, it becomes critical. The dilemma is about the freshness of the flowers. They need to work on some liquid that will keep the flowers fresh or work on the package to change it for something other than card box. The card box really shortens the flowers life. Like Ikea, ProFlower has created a competitive advantage by reconfiguring its industry’s value chain. The way
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The major difference with ProFlowers is that nearly all of their flowers are delivered in a box with a hydrating sponge and vase, but the customer is responsible for arranging them. They also give instructions how to organize the flowers. For some customers to arrange the flowers by their self is very satisfactory, but for others it may not be because they can get disappointed on how they arrange them. Not always their arrangement looks exactly how it was shown on the picture at the ProFlower site. On the ProFlowers site the customer can upgrade a bouquet or change factors such as the vase or the length of the flower stems. As you select different options, the image of the arrangement changes to reflect what your order will look
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