Case Study Of Purchase Shares Of Ownership

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When selecting a company to purchase shares of ownership you should be aware of its history. PECO one of the oldest and largest utility companies in the United States began its origins in The Brush Electric Light Company of Philadelphia, which was formed in 1881. Formerly known as Philadelphia Electric Company, it was incorporated in 1902. In 1994, Philadelphia Electric Company changes its name to PECO Energy Company, and later became PECO. PECO merged with Unicom to create Exelon in 2000. Exelon has been the top-ranked electric and gas utility on the FORTUNE 500 every year since 2008. Exelon was named to Fortune magazine’s 2015 list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies.” Exelon was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index for the ninth year in a row in 2014. However, most often commodity type businesses are often avoid when selecting to invest because the product is essentially the same from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the primary consumer purchase motivation is price. Additionally pricing is regulated with the industry. In addition, when selecting a company to purchase shares of ownership, you should also consider if the company appears to be of operational excellence, in addition to a price per share that is a good value.
As your retirement goal is in five years, you must decide if the current price per share value for the 100 shares is feasible and present financial health of the company. As of October 9, 2014 price per share is $30.82…
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