Case Study Of Quaere E-Technologies

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Teaching Note Subject Area The case talks about a software services company, Quaere e-Technologies. Quaere e-Technologies provides latest IT technologies and most advanced web application development tools intact with world class design and long lasting marketing strategies. Despite its phenomenal progress since its inception in 2005, Quaere has been facing troubles to tap into the emerging and existing markets and facing hindrances in growing to a bigger, better stature. Software services/ ITeS market in India not only presents immense opportunities but also increases the number of players. Increase in number of players means decrease in individual market share. Because of competition, if opportunity not harnessed properly may leave any organization outpaced. It still employs only 25 people out of which 4 are blue-collared jobs. It struggles to make a mark for itself despite 9 years of operations. Study level This case can be used as a teaching tool in the following courses: • Post-graduate program in management in Management Accounting and Management Information system: It can be used to teach and test the concepts…show more content…
‘Quaere’ in English means query and the focal point of their business is addressing their clients’ queries and implementing their technological solutions. Formed in 2005, it operates at its base location in Lucknow. They provide solutions in Application Development, Web Application, Web Designing, Virtual Private Server and Cloud Servers and their gamut of products include Enterprise Resources Planning, Customer Relationship Management Software, Real Estate Software, Web Based Time card software, inventory management software, order management software etc. It caters to clients like Shinecity, Green, Dream Design Inc, Samridhi Group, Ujala, Duaa Foundation and many

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