Case Study Of RHEAL

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Author: Digital Marketing Executive – Resolution Health East Africa (RHEAL) Date: 26th September, 2017 Subject Matter: The use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to improve customer retention Rationale: Due to the decrease in customer numbers followed by an increase in customer complaints, RHEAL is exploring the possibilities of adopting the use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in a bid to ensure customer retention and satisfaction. The methods proposed to be used on Facebook and Twitter not only will they ensure a higher customer retention and higher customer satisfaction index, but will also increase RHEAL’s gross written premiums due to repeated purchases from the happy customers. 1(b) How two social networks might be used by RHEAL to improve customer retention Social networking is the activity done on Social networks or sites such as…show more content…
Using banners and displays tool on Facebook, RHEAL will inform customers about, its service offerings, new products, provide updates on products, offer health tips, or even update clients on the change in service provisions. • Advertising will keep RHEAL brand fresh on customers’ minds and Facebook business offers the right solutions to this tactic. Ads manager is a Facebook feature that be used to manage an advertising campaign. • RHEAL will reach out to customers using real time content feature offering instant reach, storytelling, media sharing, podcasts, audio video sharing etc. to keep customers informed of what is happening at RHEAL. • Brands stay alive and awake by spread of the word. RHEAL will use video testimonial to deliver client testimonials on the brand. • RHEAL will use Facebook Groups as a feature to connect with customers. This interaction will enable RHEAL learn more about its customers from the group conversations developing a kinship that will lead to brand loyalty and subsequently customer
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