Case Study Of Ramada Manila Hotel

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Statement of the Problem
This study focused on the assessment of the strategic marketing program of Ramada Manila hotel toward improved performance and total customer satisfaction.
Specifically, the study answered the following questions:
1. What was the demographic characteristics of the employees in terms of:
1.1 Gender
1.2 Age
1.3 Civil Status
1.4 Length of Service
1.5 Highest Educational Attainment
1.6 Corporate Position?
2. How did the respondents assess the strategic marketing program of Ramada Manila hotel in terms of:
2.1 Internal Environment 2.1.1 Marketing 2.1.2 Finance 2.1.3 Management 2.1.4 Operations
2.1.5 Human Resource?
2.2 External Environment
2.2.1 Economic
2.2.2 Technological
2.2.3 Socio-cultural
2.2.4 Natural
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Industry. The management of an organization would know and determined the status of the business in the market by analyzing the strategic marketing. Ramada Manila hotel and other group of companies that are related in business activities may also adopt these processes on how to differentiate the products and services to competitors and to remain in the challenging world of business.
Scope, Limitation and Delimitation of the Study The study was focused on the assessment of managers and supervisors compared to the rank and file employees of Ramada Manila hotel for the strategic marketing program and improvement of performance and total customer satisfaction of the hotel. As of December 2016, the total number of direct employees of Ramada Manila was seventy (70). Out of seventy (70), fifteen (15) had chosen to be the actual respondents categorized as the managers/supervisors while thirty (30) respondents are the rank and file employees. However, the remaining twenty-five (25) employees of Ramada
Manila did not include in the study due to operational schedule working on the other restaurant under the name of the company.
Definition of Terms
For better comprehension and clearer understanding of the study, important terms are defined as they are used in the

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