Case Study Of Ringwood's Ideal Community

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When it comes to the makings of a good community, there are a few factors to consider; affluence, amenities and community engagement are just a few of the facets that can help make a community great. Ringwood exudes many of these qualities, making it one of the most happening and thriving suburbs in all of Australia right now - and things keep getting better for it.

Nestled around 20 kilometres, east of Melbourne, Ringwood is a thriving centre in the midst of a transition into one of the largest retail and commercial centre’s in the metropolitan area. With the Yarra Valley - known for their sweeping wine vineyards and superb food - nearby, as well as a host of community-driven activities and amenities, Ringwood is an ideal locale for anyone. This post will look at what makes this suburb a fantastic area to live in, explore and experience.

Ringwood is growing
The suburb of Ringwood has been made a top priority by the Victorian Government in their blueprint for Melbourne’s growth and expansion. As a result, Ringwood as an area has been designated a Metropolitan Activity Centre, which puts it at the top of the priority list outwith the city centre.
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This, alongside the extensive metropolitan and rail networks, makes it one of the biggest catchment locations east of Melbourne. With public and private investments flooding into the locale, employment in the area is fantastically healthy. Moreover, investors have planned ahead and created sustainable development in tandem with comprehensive transport links to make Ringwood a destination and not just a hub. With a vibrant economy, eclectic city centre and a passionate community, it is one of the best places to live in the country at the
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