Case Study Of Rita And Christina

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Jessie Lemoine PSC 142 02/05/2014 Written Project: Case Study of Rita and Christina. The following project, will address the case of Rita and Christiana C . after concern was provided by a neighbor, who reported that 2 years-old, Christina, seemed underweight, neglected and presented facial bruises. She is cared by her currently unemployed single 19 year old mother, Rita C., in a one bedroom apartment in a lower-income neighborhood of Pleasantville, CA. Under these circumstances, a caseworker was assigned by Child Protective Services to visit the home in order to identify the potential impacts and implications for the developmental growth of Christina C. In order to advise Judge Thompson, this project will focus on providing careful explanations that describe the familial and parental characteristics of the socio-cultural environment that favor the removal of Christina from Rita 's custody, followed by the explanation of why the attachment between the parent and child provide reasons that are against the removal of Rita 's custody of Christina, to end on a recommendation on which course of action will best benefit the child. Observations that favor the removal of Christina C. In the evaluation of the case study, the environmental situation in which Christina C. is raised do advocate for her removal due to an unsafe home that is reinforced by insufficient care, inadequate resources, lack of monitoring and minor peer support. From this environmental situation, the
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