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White Paper Modularity (Parent – Child Geneology) November 2014 Table of Contents Abstract 1 1. Clarify & Tesseract Contract Management 2 1.1 Clarify Service Systems to allow Modular Services with 2 options. 2 1.1.1 Modular Complete 2 1.1.2 Modular Lite 2 1.2 Tesseract Service Systems to allow Modular Services with 2 options. 2 1.3 Support Programs 3 2.0 Tesseract & Clarify Items 3 3.0 Billing 3 4.0 Item Master 4 5.0 Customer Master Level 4 6.0 DFW & Tesseract Depot Repair 4 6.1 Repair processes 5 7.0 Portals 5 7.1 Business Rules 5 8.0 Conclusion/Summing Up/In Summary 6 9.0 How will your use case bring value to IGATE business/vertical 6 10.0 References 6 11.0 About the Authors 6 Abstract HIGH TECH COMPANY acquired Rugged Mobile Company, a company that specializes in rugged mobiles and handheld devices, in Oct 2012. This acquisition broadens HIGH TECH COMPANY’s EMB product portfolio. HIGH TECH COMPANY is in the process of on-boarding Rugged Mobile Company’s business data onto HIGH TECH COMPANY’s Trilogy environment.…show more content…
Omnii Family, the Rugged Mobile Company manufacturing department captures module serial numbers and parent-child relationships that are used to build Omnii products. The module here refers to modules within an assembled unit. This differentiation is required because Omnii modules can also be sold as standalone products on a sales order in which case there is no need to capture the parent-child relationship. This function is required to offer coverage at module level for complete type of support programs/cover code, and for service depots to be able to track and identify serial numbers at module level for support programs/cover code. This process for repair is compared to standard product repairs where serial numbers are tracked only at finished good level. The modular contract are only sold to Modular Cerified customer, Customer need to go through the training for Module

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