Case Study Of Ry Lawncare On Residential Lawn Care Services

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RY Lawncare is residential lawn care business located in Northern Illinois that will primarily serve those residing in the village of Elgin. This business will specialize specifically in basic residential lawn care services and will look to enter the full-scale landscaping side of residential lawn care once profitable growth and reputation provide the resources and opportunity necessary. Thus, the main focus in the early stages of the business will first be to build up a clientele for the basic lawn care services. Because this area of basic lawn care competition often lacks quality and professionalism, especially in this part of the city, it is a top priority to set myself apart and provide professional, reliable, and quality work that offers reassurance to the customers. As the sole owner and proprietor, I will begin working alone and will look to hire additional workers once profitable growth justifies this.
This business will start the beginning of April and continue through early October, when lawns will need to be winterized for the following year. I will continue to work November through April at my other job until this proves profitable enough to fully commit. If successful in the summer months, I will also look to utilize my equipment for snow removal throughout the winter, which will allow for a yearlong business.

Description of Service:

As previously described, RY Lawncare will primarily focus in the basic residential lawn care services, which will

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