Case Study Of Sayre

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SAYRE (WENY) - An Owego man has been arrested for allegedly stealing more $16,000 from the Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre.

The Sayre Police Department arrested 72-year-old Elton Godfrey for allegedly stealing more $16,000 from the hospital. Police say Godfreyworked as a courier for Guthrie, when he is said to have stolen the money. Police say that Godfrey was in charge of delivering money deposit bags from the hospital's dietary department to M&T Bank. On April 11, authorities were alerted when one of the deposit bags, containing $5 178.02, was reported missing. A further police investigation revealed similar occurrences on March 14, March 23, and April 1. The total amount for all four deposits is $16,182.81. Hospital documents
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