Case Study Of Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that is commonly misunderstood. Due to the stigma surrounding mental illness, people are somewhat unaware of the biological reasons people act the way they do. Schizophrenia is highly linked to biological abnormalities in the brain. These abnormalities affect how the brain works, and in doing so, affect how the individual interacts with him/herself, and the outside world. By means of Jonathan’s case study, the biological and neurological element of schizophrenia is made more apparent and understood. Schizophrenia is commonly thought of as being split personality disorder (where an individual will have multiple personalities) however, this is a major misconception. Schizophrenia is in fact a mental disorder where the brain is cut-off or split from reality. The word schizophrenia comes from the Greek word “schizo” and “phrene” meaning “split” and “mind”. Individuals with schizophrenia may experience extreme paranoia, hallucinations, hear things and voices that do not exist, and may have bizarre and unusual behaviour tendencies ( Blakemore, 2002 ).These symptoms can be seen in the case-study as Jonathan became highly paranoid and claimed to hear someone telling him certain things that were not true. These symptoms often invoke fear in the individual…show more content…
Antipsychotic medication targets the neurological imbalance change the neurotransmitter levels in the brain by reducing the rate at which certain hormones are released in the brain (LeVine, 2010). is especially used with the release of dopamine into the brain. Though this means of treatment has been known to reduce the symptoms of the disease, it can have highly negative side-effects. These side-effects can range from sexual dysfunction, weight gain, lack of menstrual cycle for women, dystonia and drug induced Parkinson’s (LeVine,

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