Case Study Of Shiv Industry

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Shiv's group was one of the largest industries in India, which is the leader in nearly all areas in which they had presence. were established at the beginning of 1900. It has diversified in the electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical etc. Shiv financial group had represented the best brand in India. With more than 37000 + employes and 20 companies. You can also export their products not only in India but also in the United States, UK and Germany. Shiv industries operated in rubber and it also focused on automobile and other 4-wheeler vehicle. Shiv industry had the grip in the non-auto sector, overall in the molded rubber industry shiv was the largest amid only some organization with high quality of product. They used the EOM ( original equipment manufacturer) strategies, new technology and various business Even though Various foreigncollaborations appeared, still had a huge control over its management. Independent he became the largest supplier of low and medium range molded rubber auto parts in India.It also has a consider for each potential new suppliers enter the…show more content…
The industry is located far away its customers and another large automotive manufacturer in India belt like Gurgaon, therefore networking and transport is also an area where Shiv industries at work, improving visibility and support needs, is a major priority Shiv doesn’t have any focus position, that is why there is also the heavy price competition for the low-end market. The need for an efficient supply chain network of good communication among customers, manufacturers and suppliers. Customer feedback plays a very important role in the supply chain, Shiv must evaluate and monitor industries some of its most important activities aimed at customer satisfaction, which would need to be dissatisfied customers to develop an effective system which better to avoid the delivery
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