Case Study Of Sockeye Salmon

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Sockeye Salmon numbers going down by the thousands due to warm rivers. The snake and Columbia river's temperatures killed all but a few dozen of the 4,000 adult endangered sockeye. Sockeye Salmon migrate in the summer so they are used to higher temperatures but last year it was around 68 degrees in june which is the temperature they start to die and it got to 73 decrees in sockey that reached the Columbia River aftr July 16th completed the rest of the trip back to idaho. The fish would be extinct by now if it weren't for the captive broodstock program created in 1991. Workers from NOAA Fisheries are the reason for keeping at least 51 of the Salmon alive. 2015 would've been the highest number of Sockeye to return back from the ocean in more than 50 years if the termperatures hadn't spiked lethally.…show more content…
If fish are dieing due to a temperature fluctuation within one year, we should be worried more and doing more to slow the process. An outcome of this would be that because next year will probably be hotter or at least as hot, Sockeye Salmon will soon be
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