Case Study Of Star Hollow Hat Company

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*The Stars Hollow Hat Company has started to expand into a successful company; therefore, the owner decided that it would be beneficial to hire additional employees. The owner tasked the project of hiring the additional employees to the newly appointed Customer Service Supervisor. Despite, having been with the company since 2005, she was new to the role of supervisor and inexperience with recruiting and hiring process. After reviewing the case study, there are recommendations that Star Hollow Hat Company can follow in the future to help stop ineffective practices and not breach federal laws. *When it’s time to start the hiring process company will start by looking at a formula; HR supply and demand refers to the balance between the labor supply and the labor demand and the labor. (CSU-Global,2017) For companies, this formula is used to help ensure to make sure there is a balance between labor supply and demand: is there enough work for all the workers? The biggest challenge for companies when using this formula is the rapid change in the labor market that area or the economy. Before a company can start hiring employees, it must analysis the vacant position. The hiring manager should be familiar with job description and what the essential functions of the position. The job analysis is the groundwork for selection outcome; its helps to identify the best…show more content…
Applications are normally the first formal contact between the potential candidate and the company; it is seen as being fair and nondiscriminatory. Therefore, the candidate should not feel like they will be rejected based on anything that might be considered as discriminatory. To lower this legal risk, organizations need to be sure that information concerning an application’s gender, age, race, or national origin is not collected on the application forms.
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