Case Study Of Steve Jobs

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This report will discover the leadership style of Steve Jobs by using some theories and based on the information and data in the case study of Apple. The theories about trait approach, transformational leadership, transactional leadership and charismatic leadership are apply for each activities and behaviors of Steve Jobs and lead to the result of why he is an ideal CEO. He is extremely responsibility, straightforwardness, engaged and many gorgeous personalities in his quality of administration. Jobs is an incredible person who desire to work and have a huge passionate with Apple. He is able to push up the valuation of Apple from $0 to $10.2 billion. In this report, it will show the style of Steve Jobs in management and how he behave
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Leader is a person that holds a dominant or superior position within its field, and is able to exercise a high degree of control or influence over employees. Leadership is a relationship through that the behaviour and the attitude of group of people will be consequence by an influenced person. The process of leadership is not able to diverge from the activities of groups and effective teambuilding. Each of particular leaders has to apply the style of leadership that easily to approach and appropriate with the employees in organization. Leadership behaviors as the catalyst that can promote the elements and activities in the company work-well together. In order to maximize the effectiveness, the best business leaders always understanding the needs and issues of their subordinates and also update the new development of leadership theories. According to the book of Laurie J. Mullins which named Management and Organisational Behavior, it illustrates academic knowledge of the Leadership style which is the useful information can administer to this report. Based on the case study of Apple, the responsible of this report is analysis which is the leadership style of Steve Jobs was used when he is still running the business of Apple as the Chief Operating Officer. The purposes of this report are detected the managerial issues affecting…show more content…
Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak are widely recognized as pioneer of the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. When Steve Jobs running the business of Apple and NeXT organization, many studies were made some researches to find down the way he managed organization and the administration style of him. Consequently, the result of those studies show that the leadership styles of Steve Jobs related to transactional leadership, transformational leadership and charismatic leadership. Trait approach is first systematic attempts to study leadership. To be a successful leader, traits approach is the necessary actions which able to provide people with excellent and potential to perform. This style of leadership has the inherited personality traits distinguish leaders from subordinates. Trait approach just focus on the person who is leading and the leader always have several common traits such as self-confidence, initiative, intelligence, self belief. This style of administration of Steve Jobs was shown clearly in the case that it happened during his early years at
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