Case Study Of Sucarél

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1. Analyse the other negotiators and how they might impact on the negotiation.
The goal of this negotiation for Sucarél is to establish a joint venture with five potential partners to reach the german market. Before the meeting, we are going to analyze them.
On the one hand, both five companies have some things in common. For example: they are from USA, like us. So, we won't have cultural shocks and our negotiation style will be the same: fast, hard and direct to the objective. Another point in common is that they have presence in Germany, so they know the country and can help us to enter in it using their distribution channels. Another common aspect is that all the companies sell their products in similar channels like us (supermarkets, bars,
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Each company can help the rest to go the countries where they have presence by sharing their distribution channels. For instance, Sucarél can help Nevison to conquer the US market and we can offer our HQ in Lima (Perú) to Chansard to enter in Brazil.
We want to have an employee of Sucarél in the high directive of the joint venture, but we should be flexible in that ir order to ease the agreement.
To reach an agreement with the time of the joint venture, we can create the joint venture for five years and analyze the success of the project to decide if we prologue it for 5 more years or not. So, the company duration can be extended in periods of five years with periodic revisions. In accordance with the places where we will launch our products, it should be studied in each country to localize the principal centres of demand for each kind of product. So, the company can be divided in different lines of products (one for each company), that will be managed in an autonomous way but with central divisions, like HR, finance
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