Case Study Of Tamika Johnson

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Tamika Johnson is a Family Preservation Worker that is currently seeing the Thomas Family. The Thomas’s have two children Melissa who is 15 years of age and Shane who is 14. Tamika is assigned in working with the family due to a report of Child Abuse. During the helping process Tamika learns that Shane is often truant from home and school causing verbal and physical altercation within the home. Tamika is conducting a home visit when she arrives only the father and Melissa are present. The father states that Shane has made great improvements in his behavior and has been attending school and coming home at respectable times. Once home, Mrs. Thomas states otherwise that Shane’s behavior continues to be disruptive and he is still often truant.…show more content…
A lack of knowledge can not only leave the child in danger of repeated abuse but places her in danger of legal ramifications. “Standard12 of The National Organization for Human Services (NOHS) suggests that all Human Service Workers be conscious of their local, state, and federal laws. Advocate for change in regulations and statutes that may violate ethical guidelines and/or client rights. If these laws are proven to be harmful to clients than clinician will closely consider the conflict between the values of obeying the law and the values of serving people.” (NOHS, 2016). Tamika should advise her supervisor of Melissa dating relationship along with the bruise found on Shane once returned. I believe she should not forget to mention that the father stated that Shane’s behavior had gotten better when it had…show more content…
The relationship also falls under the status of Lewd and lascivious conduct which is sexual touching between an adult and a minor younger than 16 years old or an adult soliciting a minor younger than 16 to engage in sexual touching. Persons 18 and older penalties include two years and six months and up to 15 years in prison. The minimum punishment may probation without jail time if the adult is convicted of solicitation but no actual sexual contact. Although there is the “Romeo and Juliet Law”, which is in place to prevent serious criminal charges against teenagers who engage in consensual sex with others close to their own age. In Florida, there is an exemption for consensual sex when the minor is 14-17 years old and the defendant is no more than four years older. If the defendant meets certain eligibility requirements, the law will remove the requirement of registering as a sex offender. The terms of imprisonment and fines may still be
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