Case Study Of Target's Success

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Target started in 1902, and then decided to expand nationwide. The success happen step by step, which help them learn at the same time the customer’s need. As of today, Target is known to be one of the best companies in the world. The success happened because of the variety of their products, but also the quality of their products. Part of Target’s revenue is donated to what they believe is important in our society, which is education, and health. Target has many competitors, but the one listed below are Wall-Mart, Costco, and Carrefour. Those competitors are well known in the world. Indeed, they are listed as the most valuable companies in the world and each have an important part in the market value. Target is spending a lot of money when it comes to advertising. Indeed, advertising represents an important amount of their expenses. Target goal is to expand and get more customers. In consequence, the net profit has decreased in the last 5 years, because of their expenses. Even though, there net profit has decreased, Target’s revenue is still increasing in the overall.…show more content…
By social media I mean, Facebook, twitter, instagram, and having their own app to make the online shopping easier. Target wants to keep expanding, which the company has done in the United Sates. However, Target wants to expand their company worldwide. In fact, one of the solution they have found was by using their online website. Indeed, their own website will be available in foreign country, which means that people would be able to shop trough their website even if they are not in the United
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