Case Study Of The Body Shop

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4. How sustainable is The Body Shop’s success? In particular, what should Roddick do about the emerging problems and expected difficulties of developing its operations in the United States?
1.1 Introduction
Personal profile the name behind the Body Shop, a famous cosmetic line for decades now, is Anita Roddick. On October 23, 1942 in Littlehampton, Sussex, England marks her birth to an immigrant Italian family. After completing her degree at the Newton Park College of education, she worked as a part-time teacher and for the United Nations in Geneva. After that, she travelled to different places like Tahiti, New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Australia, and Johannesburg. Her fascination with the women she encountered in these places became an episodic event in her life. It later formulated her tale of success. Also, she mesmerized the organic products that women in the Polynesian
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Roddick started with small bottles since that was what she was complaining on. They, lesser materials should be used to produce smaller, thinner and lighter packages. This is one of the ways by which a company can minimize packaging costs, and at the same time, maintaining products to be in line with “green”. Supporting the environment is ensconced in the Body Shop from the very beginning. Years later, as the Body Shop grew larger and larger, Roddick combined principles with profit.
Personality has much to say in defining Roddick’s success. In Roddick’s eyes, Body Shop succeeded because of two reasons. Economic survival of her family, especially during its beginnings, was a primary driving factor; and, the passion to establish a shop of her own and to engage in trading was the other. She therefore succeeded not because of a capitalist goal, which is profit. What she did was she thought of ways to survive in the market. She did not dream of a big shop. The shop eventually
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