Case Study Of The MFI Furniture Group

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This report describes a possible extension to the B2B market for the MFI Furniture Group. It focuses on a possible collaboration with Hapimag, a timeshare organization with multiple locations all over the world. The partnership would involve a redesign of all the furniture to increase the uniformity and recognisability within the Hapimag resort.

Hapimag is a timeshare in Europe. The company has fifty-seven resorts in sixteen countries, and is headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1963. The core of the business is formed by the sale of treasury shares. Instead of receiving dividend, shareholders collect points that can be used for rental free holidays in the companies’ own resorts. (Hapimag, 2015)
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MFI has to convince them that they will benefit from the new this professional look. In practice, this means that MFI needs to deploy multiple designers to work on this project. Perhaps the visibility line should be tailored to various countries, but the basis look should stay the same. By performing this optimization, Hapimag will have a competitive advantage to its competitors, which can lead to more sales of timeshare shares. While this process is very substantial, both financially, and time-consuming, it will have to be implemented in phases.

3.3 Research

Hapimag is busy with the problem and will look for as much relevant information as possible:
• Are there examples that I can refer to?
• Which experts can provide me with valuable strategic insights?

In this phase, the plans and ideas should be presented to the board of Hapimag. After extensive consultation, there will be a financial statement made on the basis of data provided. After the delivery of the data, they will reflect on feasibility, financial consequences (both positive and negative), and market valuation. They probably want to have a frame of reference. This all should be well prepared.

3.4 Options

Hapimag is reflecting on possible solutions that suit both the short and long term goals of the organization:
• What are the options or alternatives?
• Who can deliver the most value to the

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