Case Study Of The Performance And Security Challenges In Cloud Computing

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2.”For Public cloud security challenges” AUTHORS: K. Ren, C. Wang, and Q. Wang, In this we discuss first about the no of pressing security challenges in Cloud Computing and outsourcing security, secure computation outsourcing challenges The we will focus on the primitive services, storing of data in the cloud by giving access to the owner outsourcing there data to cloud for getting the further benefits. The owner no longer having physical possession of the outsourced data raises on the storage correctness by big security concerns. So providing the access for the secure storage auditing in the cloud environment with this new approaches challenging, impressive and we can store the data by outsourcing security in the cloud computing and we…show more content…
We can uniquly access combine based homomorphic authenticator for the public key third party auditing can perform multiple auditing tasks simultaneously. 4. “Using multiple keys Encrypted Cloud Data Efficiently,” AUTHORS: B. Wang, M. Li, S.S. Chow, and H. Li, The cloud computing brings many of the opportunities to the end user to use the power of the cloud to do computation of that are done by the multiple users. The data which is stored in cloud will be encrypted while sharing of data so that no third party can see that data while data sharing is done from one place to other place and the limitations of secure comutation technique are uses single key. In this we prove a secure out storing data computation to the cloud encrypted data under multiple. The two cloud which non colluding connected with the servers polynomial functions over many of the users that are encrypted in the cloud data without having the knowledge on the input and the result. But they required communication between the two cloud servers but not to the users. This will be demonstrated experimentally and applications in machine learning. 5. “Data in Cloud Computing gives Access Control for Secure, Scalable, and Fine-Grained,” AUTHORS: S. Yu, C. Wang, K. Ren, and W. Lou, Cloud computing has many of the resources that having they own services in that services computing has infrastructure as a service
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