Case Study Of The Social And Cultural Adversity And Diversity Of Coca Cola

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The way Coca Cola promotes diversity is by learning from individuals. They take part in projects all over the world, that would put the company in a position to learn from different cultures and their lifestyles. Coca Cola’s diversity practices are a way to ensure to their consumers, that they are more than just a company, they are here to help the people. As more and more people hear about Coca Cola’s practices, support is gained and projects become even bigger. Coca Cola’s goal is for the company to gain support that would generate more sales globally. A way of gaining support across countries, Coca Cola developed, “Coca-Cola’s shaping a better future grant challenge”, which promotes innovative approaches that would bring positive change to the community around them. Coca Colas purpose for this program is to motivate young leaders to act on a social issue and bring change. As these individuals witness the social and cultural struggles that are breaking their communities apart. Those willing to take the challenge to help restore the community and its happiness, Coca cola is ready to back them up and be a part of the change. They will help “global shapers” get the resources necessary to accomplish the change they envision. Coca Cola’s take away from this is to spread the project of these global shapers all across communities facing similar struggles. Recent winners of the grant brought solar lighting to schools in Kenya, provided lifesaving technology for hospital patients

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